ART. 1: Access to the Campsite
Reception office is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. On arrival, the Guests must show the Reception Office a valid identity document for legal registration purposes. Access or presence of unauthorised persons in the campsite involves the following sanctions:
Violation of Public Safety Regulations (art. 109 TULPS); Violation of art. 614 Civil Procedure Code (Violation of domicile); Violation of art. 633 Civil Procedure Code (invasion of land and buildings); Violation of art. 624 Civil Procedure Code (Theft of services); Contract Fraud Offence.

ART. 2: Registration
The Guest have to check that the reception registration is correct, to check that the type of equipment and number of people corresponds, informing reception staff immediately of any error, to give prior information regarding any changes, such as change of pitch, arrival and departure of members of the group and any extension or reduction to the stay.

ART. 3: Departure Time
Prices are calculated by night, independently from arrival time. Departures must take place before 12 noon.
Departures after this time will be charged an extra day.
The keys to your accomodation will be given to clients no later than 5 p.m. On the departure day keys must be returned to reception before 10 a.m.

ART. 4: Pitch
The Guest can choose the pitch, on the basis of the indications given by the staff.
Each pitch can host maximum 6 people (adults and children) and a tent or caravan can be parked on each one, together with just one vehicle (car or motorbike) or one camper. An extra small tent can be erected (igloo-Canadian).
All the equipment, including vehicles, must be tidily placed within the limits of the pitch and vehicles cannot be parked outside it or on other places, even if they are not used, in this case, the rates will be applied as given in the price list.

ART. 5: Daily Visitors
Management reserves the right to allow entry to daily visitors, in accordance with organisation capacity of the Campsite. Visitors to the guests in the Campsite can only enter on foot, from 08 a.m. until 23 p.m., after giving the reception staff a valid identity document. After one hour visit, the daily rate shown in the price list will be charged for each person. Campsite's guests are responsible of the daily visitor's behaviour.

ART. 6 Animals
Animals are not allowed, except for those covered by Law 37/74 and 376/88 (guide dogs for the blind).

ART. 7: Quiet hours
Afternoon quiet hours: from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Night-time quiet hours: from 11.30 p.m. to 07 a.m. During these periods, Guests cannot:
-  use vehicles within the camp, nor enter or leave;
-  use sports or games equipment;
-  listen to radio, television, music at high volume;
-  erect or dismantle tents.
After 11.00 p.m., Guests have to park their vehicles outside the campsite entrance until morning after. At all hours, must be avoided activities that disturb the quiet of other guests.

ART. 8: Circulation of vehicles
All vehicles must clearly display the campsite pass (preferably on the windscreen on the passenger's side). The staff has the right to refuse entry to anyone without this pass.
Vehicles must only be used for entering and leaving the campsite during regulation hours. For quiet and safety, they must be used as less as possible and always driven at walking pace. They must be parked within your pitch or reserved car parks. The main roads and side roads between the pitches must always be free. Pedestrians always have precedence over vehicles.
We kindly ask you to pay attention within the campsite for the safety of everyone.

ART. 9: Youths and children
Underage children are only accepted if accompanied by parents or adults authorised to look after them, staying with underage children during their holiday. Adults are responsible for ensuring that children:
-  observe and respect all the Regulations;
-  are well behaved, for their own and others safety;
-  do not disturb the peace of other guests.
Furthermore small children must always be accompanied by an adult when they use the washing and toilet facilities and must always be supervised when they are in the public areas.

ART. 10:Prohibitions:
It is forbidden:
to leave rubbish anywhere other than in the special containers;
dig holes or ruts in the ground;
light fires outside;
barbecues can be used but without disturbing other guests or cause hazards;
damage the vegetation, pour oil, fuel, boiling liquids, salty liquids or waste liquid on the ground;
wash cars or other vehicles on the sites;
wash kitchen ware or laundry outside the washing areas;
wash anything or wash yourself on the sites;
waste or use water in an improper manner;
discharge toilet liquids into the manhole covers in the pitch as there are specific discharge for chemical wc in every toilet facility;
lay or create barriers, tie or fix anything to plants, hang ropes at shoulder height, or install anything else that could be dangerous and block free circulation within the site.

ART. 11: Using the Sanitary facilities
Guests should avoid using the facilities during cleaning hours. The cleaning staff will border off the areas that cannot be used. The facilities must be left clean and tidy, as you would expect to find them.

For connection to the electricity site on the campsite turrets, the installation, leads and plugs must conform to EEC standards.
Each pitch allows the connection of just one power socket. Equipments that use most power, such as electric stoves, air conditioners, etc., damages the installation and causes power failure. If this happens, contact the campsite staff. For irons and hair dryers, please use the sanitary facilities.

ART.13:Damage and other responsibilities
The use of sporting and games equipment is at the users risk and responsibility.
Management is not responsible for loss, damage or theft inside the Campsite.
Apart from civil responsibility insurance cover, as given in the policy stipulated with ERGO ASSICURAZIONI which is available in reception. Management is not responsible for any damage that is not their direct responsibility, such as natural disasters, fortuitous events, fire, theft, etc.
Guests answer for any damage caused by themselves to the campsite or to other persons.

ART.14: Bikes
Rental: Bikes can be used free of charge by all customers of Bungalows and tent pitches.
Users: Adults or minors accompanied by people who assume their responsibility can access the bicycle service.
Responsibility: Aquacamp declines all responsibility in the event of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules of the Highway Code.
Damages/Breakages: The bicycle must be returned in the same condition in which it was picked up; in the event of damage and/or breakage caused or suffered by the bicycle, compensation will be requested. Alternatively, the user can have the vehicle repaired at his own expense. In the event of irreparable damage, a sum of €400.00 will be requested. by way of compensation.
Obligations: The user undertakes to keep the rented vehicle and to return it to the Reception after use; use the padlock whenever you leave the bicycle unattended; drive and use the bicycle in compliance with the Road Rules; report any damage caused to or suffered by the bicycle.

ART.15: Unlawful persons
Guests cannot take any person who are not registered or who are clandestine and must pay a sum equal to double the rate on the price list, payable from the day of arrival of the Guest and with a minimum of two days stay otherwise they are subject to penal sanctions. The Management has full-undisputed right to expel any unwanted persons and to act against those responsible, in accordance with arts. 614, 624, 633 and 637 of the Civil Penal Code.

ART. 15 Penalties for failure to stay
When a client cancels a holiday has already paid or still to be paid is subject to payment of cancellation fees. This is because it is not always possible to re-sell your room to other people who might be substituted. If you can not do this in the bungalow will be empty and therefore should be paid as if received. Penalties for failure to stay:

If cancelled up to 3 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged. If cancelled later or in case of no-show, 100 percent of the total price of the reservation will be charged.

The Price List is an integral part of this Regulation.




    This regulation is displayed in the Reception office of Aquacamp . Entrance to the campsite signifies full acceptance of the same. We ask our Guests to kindly adhere to the rules laid down herein.